A Great Tour to Science ----USTC 2019 Science and Technology Week

    A Great Tour to Science ----USTC 2019 Science and Technology Week

  • [2019-11-26]
  • The 2019 Science and Technology Week of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) got under way in the morning of May 18th. The theme of this year’s activity is “Making a superpower with technology powerhouse, benefiting the people with science popularization”. The activity will last two days with 24 science popularizing sites open to everyone, which were equipped with research devices, live commentaries, interactive games, science popularizing films and other medium to provide the public with a fantastic popular science tour. 

    And the highlight of this year’s activity must be the professors’ active partnership. Prof. SHU Gequn, academician BAO Xinhe, Prof. LUO Xisheng and Prof. ZHE Jiaru participated in the activity and made wonderful reports to the public, which led the curious kids into a world of science. 

    pictures from the scene of the five reports


    In the morning of May 18th, the beginning of the activity, vice-principal LUO Xisheng and other department managers went to the service stands and popular science sites to check the arrangement of the activity and visit the volunteers at the scene. At the popular science sites, adequate interactive games and little prizes were prepared in order to provide the visitors with the greatest experience. In the meantime, USTC released a special passport to the “wonderful science world” this year, in which contains a seal collecting area, allowing visitors to collect seals from every site they visited. And those who successfully collected all of the seals will receive a special gift from USTC, in this way children were encouraged to visit more sites and know more about science. The school dining hall also provided special dishes for these visitors to satisfy their dining needs.

    the leaders of USTC visit the popular science sites

    pictures from scene of the popular science sites

    The Science and Technology Week attracted a good many visitors including large groups organized by primary and middle school and little groups containing parents and kids. A primary school student from Fengtai county said: “ I’ve been dreaming about visiting USTC and learning the spirit of devoting to science from the teachers and student here.” A parent with kid said: “Taking the kids to the Science and Technology Week of USTC in the weekend is really suitable for young family outing, which ignites the curiosity for science of the kids and also provides a fantastic place to take a walk.” 

    During this activity, teachers and students from Liuzhi, Guizhou Province , the fixed-point poverty alleviation area of USTC, and the servicing area of the teaching assistance group of graduate of USTC also came to the campus of USTC to take part in this activity. What’s more, USTC also organized hundreds of volunteers to go to the Yanzihe junior high school to carry out popular science activity, which draw the attention of approximately 1500 students, parents, local residents and teachers.

    students from Liuzhi, Guizhou Province visiting the sites


    This year’s activity is mainly implemented by the school science and development department and assisted by related colleges, laboratories and departments to ensure safety and other matters.

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