2018 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for Postgraduates

    2018 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony for Postgraduates

  • [2018-06-26]

  • On the morning of June 24th, the 2018 graduation ceremony and degree dress award ceremony for postgraduates was held at the Eastern Conference hall of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). University leaders, deans from all the schools, and students, witnessed the ceremony together. 

    Before the ceremony, the students’ choir sang “Sky” and “Republican Love”, expressing a deep blessing for our alma mater. The ceremony raised its curtain in the beautiful and moving melody.

    Wearing mentor’s suit, university leaders and delegations of teachers took their seats on the rostrum. The ceremony was hosted by vice president YANG Jinlong. 

    With the melody of the school song The Eternal East Wind, the blue school flag fluctuating like the wave was lifted by bearers. Students burst into excited shouts when the flag passing over their heads. They touched the flag with the delightful feelings of graduation. Then all the students and faculty stood up and sang the National Anthem of People's Republic of China. 

    Afterwards, JIANG Yi, deputy party secretary of the school committee, read the decision to award the 2018 doctoral and master's degrees and the list of the winners of the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. University leaders and teachers presented the prizes, and took photos with those winners. 

    President BAO Xinhe made a speech at the ceremony. On behalf of all the faculty, he gave congratulations to all the graduates on the successful completion of their studies and degrees, and gave deep thanks to their teachers, relatives and friends.  

    President BAO hoped that the graduates will continue to inherit the spirit of the USTC and go ahead with the alma mater. He pointed out that science and technology would affect the future of the country and the well-being of the people profoundly. As the protagonists of the new era, we must strive to make our country become the world's major scientific center and innovative heights. The students should devote themselves to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

    Delegation of Professor, XIONG Yujie, owner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, shared his life experience with the graduates. He asked the students to remain the spirit of USTC and to be optimistic in the future. Moreover, never forget the importance of cooperation. 

    Graduates delegation Ph.D ZHANG Qing, from HFNL—Microscal, conveyed her gratitude to teachers and classmates. She said that she has felt the development of USTC during these years. At the time of USTC's 60th anniversary, she will take the responsibility as an USTCer, and pay back society. 

    At the ceremony, party secretary SHU Gequn led all graduates to make a pledge. 
    After the oath, all the graduates stood up and sang the school song The Eternal East Wind with a deep feeling. 
    In the familiar melody, the graduates boarded the rostrum in succession, university leaders and teachers helped them to turn the tassel one by one. 

    All the departments of USTC had prepared carefully for the ceremony. The auditorium and the surrounding environment had been renovated. During the course of the degree dress award ceremony, USTC will provide photo download and network broadcast. In addition, the graduation background board and flower wall with 60th anniversary marks, also added the unique landscape to the graduation season. 

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