USTC Excels in iGEM with One Gold and One Silver Medals
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    USTC Excels in iGEM with One Gold and One Silver Medals

  • During November 9th to 13th local time, two iGEM teams from USTC, team USTC and team USTC-Software, excelled in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) held at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. USTC-Software won a gold medal while USTC received a silver medal and the nomination for Best New Application Project. This year has seen USTC’s 11th tour to iGEM competition, and till now, USTC iGEM teams have won 15 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 special awards.
    The project of the 2017 USTC-software is based on an upgradation on the 2016 project Biohub, and is named Biohub2.0. It aimes to facilitate iGEMers and other synthetic biologists with a BioBrick search engine and an exchange forum which could match with each other as well as a plug-in system that can be extended by users freely. It allows all Biohub users to use the plug-in function by uploading their own plug-ins. This project won the gold medal in the end. 

    Team USTC-Software 

    USTC-Software is introducing Biohub 2.0 to the judges

    Team USTC this year focused on improving the efficiency of bio-cathode with a photo-catalyst system on E.coli, thus creating a potential solution to a highly efficient biosynthesis platform. The task is achieved by constructing an electron-transfer system to transfer electrons from the cathode into the cell, and using light-activating CdS nanoparticles to faster the process. The project was well-reputed by the judges and other participants, receiving a silver medal and the Award nomination for Best Project in New Application. 

    Team USTC

    Team USTC is introducing posters to foreign participants

    During the one-year preparatory work, team members not only practiced research skills but also cultivate a teamwork spirit through project investigation, design, execution and presentation together. By presenting themselves in the international arena, they not only received recognition and improvement in knowledge, but also acquired great experience and friendship.

    iGEM is a worldwide synthetic biology competition established by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It welcomes undergraduate, post-graduates, high school students, entrepreneurs and community laboratories to solve a problem and promote our society with an independent project, ranging from diagnosis and treatment, energy, environment, food and nutrition, information processing, art design, hardware and software, etc. It also encourages an interdisciplinary effort involving cross-cooperation in mathematics, physics, electronics and computers. Participants would be graded by their wiki page, poster interpretation and presentation. This year, iGEM attracted 280 teams from all over the world including renowned universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and Cambridge.

    USTC iGEM teams’ outstanding performances this year couldn't have been done without the support and help of many parties. Academic Affairs, School of Life Sciences, library, School of Chemistry and Material Sciences provided funds, venues, equipment and materials. USTC Initiative Foundation also kindly served as a major sponsor.

    (YANG Xinqi, GUO Jianjian, USTC News Center, Image by USTC News Center)

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