A summer tour showed the power of industrial biotechnology

    A summer tour showed the power of industrial biotechnology

  • [2016-08-31]
  • On June, 23, 2016, students of Grade 2015 in School of Life Sciences, USTC travelled to Tianjin for a one-day visit at Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (TIB), to feel and learn the leading role of life sciences and biotechnology in the industrial revolution.

    TIB is engaged in biotechnology innovation and promotion of eco-industrial development. She is one of the outstanding representatives to dig out the industrial value in scientific research and has been visited and supported by many national leaders. Students and teachers were warmly welcomed here.

    In the afternoon, Dr. Sunji Bin, the vice president of TIB, and Dr. Zhang Xueli, a famous institute scientist, made three excellent and clean presentations for the students so that they could understand what really the industrial biotechnology is and what can be achieved. They took specific examples, such as the manufacture of biological succinic acid, to tell the students how to complete a research project. It was really inspiring and helpful. Students also got to know that we met the supply of ginsenoside at the cost of large tracts of land. Yet by using microbial industrial synthesis of ginsenosides, a 1000 square meters of production workshop can replace 1,000 acres of land. The achievements made people felt the efficient and magic of Industrial Biotechnology. Transformation of innovative research results in achieve industrial energy saving, effective protection of the ecological environment and more economic value. Moreover, scientists can also become rich through their wisdom and diligence. So many questions are raised to the two scientists from students who learned so much in this comfortable academic atmosphere.

    Later, Dr. Sunji Bin led the students to visit the laboratory support platform of TIB. Here many of the important instruments are specially designed or developed by the Institute itself based on the goal. Some of them can finish a lifetime work of a person within a few hours which meet the modern industrialization well. Students were amazed by the efficiency of machines.

    Students feel that biotechnology has good scope in future through this tour. What’s more, future industrial biotechnology will greatly promote eco-industry. Students also want to make its own contributions to the green economic development in the world.

    This activity was planned by Professor Changlin Tian, the academic head teacher of 2015 Shizhang Bei class, and was organized by head teacher Yugang Guo and Liang Li. The activity was also strongly supported by Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology.





                (Originally written by Xie bokun, and translated by Danning Huang, Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences)

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