2015.06.08,Professor Sun Baolin Published a paper in Infection and Immunity
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    2015.06.08,Professor Sun Baolin Published a paper in Infection and Immunity

  • 2015.06.08,Professor Sun Baolin Published a paper entitled:“The Staphylococcus aureus protein-coding gene, gdpS, modulates sarS expression in an mRNA-mRNA interaction manner” in Infection and Immunity

    Author:Chen Chuan、Zhang Xun、Shang Fei、Sun Haipeng、Sun Baolin、Xue Ting
    Abstract:Staphylococcus aureus is an important gram-positive pathogen responsible for numerous diseases ranging from localized skin infections to life-threatening systemic infections. The virulence of S. aureus is essentially determined by a wide spectrum of factors including cell wall associated proteins and secreted toxins that are precisely controlled in response to environmental changes. GGDEF domain protein from Staphylococcus (GdpS) is the only conserved staphylococcal GGDEF domain protein that is not involved in c-di-GMP synthesis but in the virulence regulation of S. aureus NCTC8325. Our previous study has found that the inactivation of gdpS generates an extensive change of virulence factors together with a major surface protein Spa (protein A), especially. As reported, SarSis a direct positive regulator of spa. The decreased transcript levels of sarS in thegdpS mutant compared with the parental NCTC8325 strain suggests that gdpSaffects spa through interaction with sarS. In this study, the site-mutation and complementary experiments showed that the translation product of gdpS was not involved in the regulation of transcript levels of sarS. We found that gdpSfunctioned through direct RNA-RNA base pairing with the 5’ UTR of sarS mRNA, and that putative 18 nucleotide played a significant role in the regulatory process. Furthermore, the mRNA half-time analysis of sarS in the gdpS mutant showed that gdpS positively regulates the mRNA levels of sarS by contributing to the stabilization of sarS mRNA, suggesting that gdpS mRNA may regulate spaexpression in an RNA-dependent pathway.
    DOI information:10.1128/IAI.00159-15.

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