YAO Xuebiao


Cheung Kong Scholar

Anhui Key Laboratory of Cell Dynamics & Chemical Biology

School of Life Science

University of Science & Technology of China

Tel: 0551-63607141


E-mail: yaoxb@ustc.edu.cn


Personal Profile:

Dr. Xuebiao Yao received his Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley under Professor John Forte’s supervision in 1995, and pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research with Professor Don Cleveland before joining the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an Assistant Professor in 1998. He was selected as a Chueng Kong Scholar of the Ministry of Education and received an Outstanding Young Scientist Award from Natural Science Foundation of China in 1999. Dr. Yao built the Laboratory of Cellular Dynamics in the University of Science & Technology in 2000 and became the Principal Investigator for the State-sponsored Key Basic Science project titled “Regulatory protein interacting networks underlying cell division” in 2002. Dr. Yao’s research interest is centered on the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular plasticity and dynamics. Using kinetochore as a model system, his research team has identified several important kinetochore interacting networks and pathways essential for accurate chromosome segregation. Among many affiliated responsibilities, Dr. Yao serves as an Associate Editor of Journal of Molecular & Cell Biology, and board members of Journal of Biological Chemistry and Cell Research.

Research Interests:

Cellular Dynamics and Chemical Biology of cell division and migration in health and diseases

Selected Publications:

Xia P, Liu, Wu B, Zhang S, Song X, Yao PY, Lippincott-Schwartz J, & Yao X. (2014). Superresolution imaging reveals structural features of EB1 in microtubule plus-end tracking. Mol Biol.Cell 25, 4166-74.

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