Yong Ding  Ph.D.
School of Life Sciences
University of Science & Technology of China
443 Huangshan Street, Hefei, Anhui 230027  P.R.China
E-mail: dingyong@ustc.edu.cn
Personal Profile
September 2012~ Present: Professor, School of Life Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China
January 2010~Septermber 2012: Research Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln  USA
2008 February ~ 2010 December: Research Associate
Center for Biotechnology and Center for Plant Science Innovation,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA
2007 August ~ 2008 February: Research Associate, UTsouthwestern medical center USA
2003 September ~ 2007 May: Ph.D.
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Science
Research interest
Dehydration tolerance in plants is an important but understudied component of the complex phenotype. During recurring dehydration stress plants display physiological, transcriptional, and chromatin behavior indicative of stress memory.
My research strives to understand mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in abiotic stress memory. This includes functions of histone modifications and chromatin remodeling in gene transcription regulation, in RNA polymerase II initiation and elongation, and in transcriptional memory of dehydration.
Selected publication
1.Ding Y, Ndamukong I, Xu Z, Lapko H, Fromm M, Avramova Z. ATX1-Generated H3K4me3 Is Required for Efficient Elongation of Transcription, Not Initiation, at ATX1-Regulated Genes. PLOS Genetics. 2012 Dec; 8 (12): e100311. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.100311.             
2.Ding Y, Ndamukong I, Zhao Y, Xia Y, Riethoven JJ, Jones DR, Divecha N, Avramova Z. Divergent functions of the myotubularin (MTM) homologs AtMTM1 and AtMTM2 in Arabidopsis thaliana: evolution of the plant MTM family. The Plant Jornal. 2012 Jun;70(5):866-78.
3.Ding Y, Fromm M, Avramova Z. Multiple exposures to drought 'train' transcriptional responses in Arabidopsis. Nature Communications. 2012 Mar 13;3:740. doi: 10.1038/ncomms1732. Faculty of 1000 comments: http://f1000.com/14267187
4.Ding Y, Avramova Z, Fromm M. The Arabidopsis Trithorax-like Factor ATX1 Functions in Dehydration Stress Responses via ABA-Dependent and ABA-Independent Pathways. The Plant Journal 2011 Jun; 66(5):735-44.
5.Ding Y, Avramova Z, Fromm M. Two Distinct Roles of Arabidopsis Homolog of Trithorax (ATX1), at Promoters and within Transcribed Regions of ATX1 Regulated Genes. The Plant Cell 2011 Jan; 23(1):350-63
6.van Dijk K, Ding Y, Malkaram S, Riethoven JJ, Liu R, Yang J, Laczko P, Chen H, Xia Y, Ladunga I, Avramova Z, Fromm M. Dynamic Changes in Genome-Wide Histone H3 Lysine 4 Methylation Patterns in Response to Dehydration Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC Plant Biology 2010, 10:238.
7.Ding Y, Lapko H, Ndamukong I, Xia Y, Al-Abdallat A, Lalithambika S, Sadder M, Saleh A, Fromm M, Riethoven JJ, Lu G, Avramova Z. The Arabidopsis chromatin modifier ATX1, the myotubularin-like AtMTM and the response to drought. Plant Signal & Behavior 2009, Nov; 4(11):1049-58.
8.Zhang D, Yang Q, Ding Y, Cao X, Xue Y, Cheng Z.. Cytological characterization of the tandem repetitive sequences and their methylation status in the Antirrhinum majus genome. Genomics. 2008 Aug; 92(2):107-14.
9.Ding Y, Wang X, Su L, Zhai J, Cao S, Zhang D, Liu C, Bi Y, Qian Q, Cheng Z, Chu C, Cao X.  SDG714, a histone H3K9 methyltransferase involves in Tos17 DNA methylation and transposition in rice. The Plant Cell, 2007, 19: 9-22. Comments: http://www.cell.com/retrieve/pii/S0092867407001985?cc=y