TIAN Zhaoxia



TIAN Zhaoxia Ph.D.

Associate Professor
School of Life Sciences
University of Science & Technology of China
Tel:  +86 551 63600640
Fax: +86 551 63600640

Personal profile
• 2012- present: Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China.
• 2005-2011: Postdoctoral, Department of Neurobiology and Genetics, IGBMC (Institut de Génétique et de BiologieMoléculaire et Cellulaire), University of Louis Pasteur, France.
• 2004-2005: Postdoctoral, IBMC (Institut de BiologieMoléculaire et Cellulaire, UPR 9002 du Centre National de la RechercheScientifique), University of Louis Pasteur, France.
• 1999-2002: Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
• 1996-1999: M.S., Department of Bioengineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.
• 1994-1996: Water quality assessment of the offing in Qingdao.
• 1990-1994: B.S., Department of Marine Biology, Ocean University of Qingdao.

Research Interests
1, Themolecular mechanism of plant stem cells proliferation.
2, The molecular mechanism of plant hormones interaction.

Selected Publications

1. Zhong P, Li J, Luo L, Zhao Z*, Tian Z*. Top1α regulates FLOWERING LOCUS C expression by coupling histone modification and transcription machinery.Development. doi: 10.1242/dev.167841, 2019.

2. Luo L, Zeng J, Wu H, Tian Z*, Zhao Z*. A Molecular Framework for Auxin-Controlled Homeostasis of Shoot Stem Cells in Arabidopsis. Mol Plant. 11(7), 899-913, 2018.

3. Qu X, Zhao Z* and Tian Z*. ERECTA regulates cell elongation by activating auxin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Front. Plant Sci. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01688, 2017 

4. Zeng J, Dong Z, Wu H, Tian Z, Zhao Z. Redox regulation of plant stem cell fate. EMBO J. 36, 2844-2855, 2017

5. Luo, L,  Zeng, J,  Tian, Z,  Zhao, Z. Plant development: From cells to individuals.Chinese Science Bulletin, 61(33), 3532-3540, 2016

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12 Book chapter:

Schaeffer C, Didiot MC, Tian Z, Bernard Ehresmann B, Ehresmann C and Moine H. FMRP and the G-quartets, in The Molecular Basis of Fragile X Syndrome, Editors: Ying Ju Sung and Robert B. Denman, ISBN: 81-7736-257-7.