The College of Life Science Held its Fifth Academic Exchange Annual Conference

    The College of Life Science Held its Fifth Academic Exchange Annual Conference

  • [2012-06-14]
  • The College of Life Science held its Fifth Annual Conference from May 21 to May 26. The organizer focused the theme of the conference on that life starts from communication and scientific research lies in exchange.

    There were more than 30 professors and 400 graduate students attending the annual conference. The annual meeting was divided into two parts: poster session and oral presentation. The organizer received 229 meeting abstracts, 134 posters and 35 distinguished papers from 33 labs of the College of Life Science and 66 graduate students were invited to give oral presentation.

    Poster session

    The poster session on May 27th successfully opened the curtain of the Fifth Annual Conference. The posters were displayed in four districts according to their research fields: structure, cell, immunity and neuroscience. The poster session lasted for 6 days. During the display, all the students who had their posters shown shared their posters with the expert panel and students. The poster evaluation contained two parts. One was from the expert panel’s judgment and the other was from the votes of the students.

    Oral presentation

    The oral presentation started on May 26th, 2012 and lasted for a day. The ceremony of the oral presentation differed from the mode of the past years. Four graduate students whose papers were published on high impact journals were invited to give reports while in the past years the professors gave oral presentation in the ceremony.

    Four parallel oral presentations followed the ceremony. There were 62 excellent graduate students in all giving reports. The four sessions were structure research, cell, immunity and neuroscience. The atmosphere of the conference was active. The participators asked the questions and had heat discussion. We have elected the first, second and third prizes of the four parallel sessions.

    The leader teachers were concerned with the annual conference. President ZHANG, Shulin came to guide the conference by herself and took part in the award ceremony held after the oral presentation.

    This year’s conference displayed the achievements in scientific research to a large extent. It had largest submission of the abstracts, largest number of participants and longest duration. It contributed to the communication of the labs and offered a platform for the students to practice themselves.


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