Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

About DCDB

The Department of Cell and Developmental Biology of the School of Life Sciences educates and trains undergraduates and postgraduates in the areas of Cell Biology, Genetics and Developmental Biology. Our mission is to advance basic knowledge of life science and apply   research discoveries to enhance and improve human health. This division aims at detailed understanding of the molecular interactions that underlie the process basic to all living cells, including cell cycle regulation, kenetichore dynamics; signal transduction and cell movement. In the developmental biology area, researches include the understanding of control of gene expression during spermatogenesis and oogenesis. Translational research is also our important focus which includes: mechanisms relating hypoxia to tumor growth, p53 & tumor metabolism, Breast cancer autocrine activity and noncoding RNA regulation.These issues are being addressed in systems as diverse as yeast, fruit flies, worms, mice and mammalian cells in culture. Specialized equipments such as confocal fluorescence microscopy, video imaging and electronmicroscopy are available in shared core facilities. Laboratory animal center which is used by many faculties are also housed in Life Science building. This division also undertakes various courses including Cell biology, Genetics and development Biology for both undergraduates and postgraduates. We also open Cell biology seminar courses based primarily on student presentations and discussions of recent scientific articles from world’s top journals.

Principle Investigator

WU Mian

Research Interests

P53 and tumor metabolism;

Noncoding RNA and tumorgenesis;

Regulation of iPS reprogramming

YAO Xuebiao

Research Interests

Molecular dynamics in regulation of cell proliferation and migration

Chemical biology of tumor growth and metastasis

SHI Qinghua

Research Interests

Molecular mechanisms for the generation of aneuploid tumor cells

Molecular basis for ovarian primordial follicle assembly and recruitment

DNA damage repair during female meiosis on fates of oocytes.


Research Interests

Molecular etiology and treatment strategies for male infertility

Noncoding RNA in regulation of germline stem cells


Research Interests

Tumor targeted-therapy and translational medicine

Tumor-associated noncoding RNA

Effects of nano-materials on tumorgenesis

ZHANG Huafeng

Research Interests

HIF1 and tumorgenesis;

HIF-targeted cancer drug development 

GUANG Shouhong

Research Interests

Regulation of noncoding RNA in model animals

Genetics and development studies in model animals


Research Interests

Regulation of gene expression by non-coding RNA

Model systems: C.elegans, Mammalian cell culture and mice

GAO Ping

Research Interests

Molecular mechanism in regulation of tumor metabolism;

Non-coding RNA in regulation of stem cells

JIN Changjiang

Research Interests

Regulation of post-translational modification;

Regulation in cell cycle;

Memberane vesicle transport;

MEI Yide

Research Interests

Oncogene and tumor suppressor

Noncoding RNA in regulation of stem cells and tumorgenesis;

Epigenetical regulation in tumor and stem cells


For undergraduate students

1.Cell Biology

2.Developmental Biology

3.Basic Experiments in Cell Biology

4.Comprehensive Cell Biology Experiments

For graduate students

1.Molecular Cell Biology

2.Principles and Methods in Cell Biology

3.Seminar course in modern cell biology­--- aiming to the reading and critical evaluation of current papers from top journals