Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


I)About DBMB

The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology focuses on the research and teaching in the fields of structure-function relationship of biomacromolecules using the theories and methodologies of biochemistry and molecular biology. Our current projects include 

1) structure and function of proteins and complexes involved in regulation of eukaryotic transcription and translation; 

2) functional analysis of genes that improve plant stress tolerance; 3) structural basis for the proteins in response to pathogen infection and oxidative stress; 4) molecular ecology; 5) structure and dynamics studies of human disease related membrane proteins. All technologies of structural and molecular biology, such as NMR spectrometry, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy, are applied to our research.

II) Principle Investigators

SHI Yunyu

Research Interests

1.Transcriptional regulation

2.Structural basis for cell junction and proliferation

3.Molecular mechanism of tumorogenesis and proliferation

NIU Liwen

Research Interests

1.The structural basis, functional mechanism,interactions and assembly process of the complex protein systems of protein translation and transportation.

2.The structural and functional mechanisms of natural protein toxins.

TENG Maikun

Research Interests

1. The structural basis, functional mechanism and assembly process of the protein complexes in DNA damage response system.

2.The structural basis, functional mechanism,interactions and assembly process of the complex protein systems of gene transcription regulation.

WU Jihui

1.Structural and dynamical studies of protein and nucleic acid by NMR
2.Protein NMR methodology

XIANG Chengbin

Research Interests

1.Mechanisms of plant drought and desiccation tolerance

2.Plant sulfur nutrient and stress tolerance

3.Stress tolerance gene-mining and application

ZHOU Congzhao

Research Interests

1.Structure-based protein network in response to oxidative stress

2.Structural biochemistry of cyanobacterial heterocyst differentiation and microcystin synthesis

3.Silk-related genes and proteins

TIAN Changlin

Research Interests

1.Structure and dynamics studies of human disease related membrane proteins using solution NMR, EPR

2.Method development of NMR, EPR for membrane protein dynamic and function correlation studies  

3.Electrophysiology studies of potassium channels

ZANG Jianye

Research Interests

1.Mechanism of epigenetic inheritance

2.Mechanism of immune evasion of pathogens

CHEN Yuxing

Research Interests

1.Structure and function of pneumococcal surface proteins

2.Structural basis for the pathogen-host interaction

TU Xiaoming

Research Interests

1.Structure and function of proteins and protein domains

2.Molecular mechanism of cell cycle regulation and gene expression regulation in Trypanosoma brucei  

3.Ubiquitin-like family proteins

ZHOU Zhenghong (visiting professor)

Research Interests

1.Structure and function of molecular complexes

CAI, Gang

Research Interests

1.Structure and mechanism of the eukaryotic transcription machinery
2.Structure, function, and dynamics of macromolecular assemblies
3.Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM)

GONG Qinguo

Research Interests

1.Structure and function of non-coding RNAs and their protein complexs

2.Methodology development of a combinative structural biology approach containing NMR, SAXS and EPR

ZHANG Zhiyong

Research Interests

1.Computational tools for multi-scale modeling of large biomolecules, such as sampling techniques in molecular dynamics simulations and coarse-grained methods

2. Multi-scale modeling to investigate functional dynamics of biomolecules by integrating structural data from various experiments, which incude X-ray crystallography, NMR, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS)


Research Interests

1.NMR in fragment based screening and lead discovery;
2.Novel NMR methodology development to detect weak interaction between target protein and small-molecule ligands;
3.Anti-cancer lead discovery targeting complex protein-protein interaction closely related to tumor growth and metastasis. 


Research Interests

1. Plant sulfur nutrient and stress tolerance

2.Stress tolerance gene-mining and application

ZHANG Longhua

Research Interests

1. Structure based function of interaction between potassium channels

2. Function of membrane protein in endocannabinoid system

III) Course

For undergraduate students

1. Biochemistry

2. Molecular biology

3. Experiments of biochemistry

4. Experiments of molecular biology

5. Frontier of structural biology

6. Crystallography

7. NMR spectrometry

8. Plant molecular biology

9. Experimentsof structural biology

10. Medicinal Chemistry

11. Plant Chemistry

12. Experiments of structural biology

For graduate students

1. Advanced molecular biology

2. Seminars on biochemistry and molecular biology

3. Seminars on structural biology

4. Structure and function of biomacromolecules

5. Small molecule structure elucidation by NMR

6. Principles for biochemistry and molecular biology experiments

7. Principles for the crystallography of biomacromolecules

8. Principles for the spectrometry of biomacromolecules

9. Experiments of NMR spectrometry

10. Advanced experiments of biochemistry and molecular biology