WU Jihui
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    WU Jihui


    Professor of School of Life Sciences

    Hefei National Lab for Physical Sciences at Microscale

    University of Science & Technology of China

    Tel: 86-551-63600394

    Fax: 86-551-63600374

    e-mail: wujihui@ustc.edu.cn

    Homepage: http://bionmr.ustc.edu.cn/

     Personal Profile

    1978.3-1982.7: Department of biology, University of Science and Technology of China, undergraduate student, speciality: Cell Biology

    1982.10-1985.8: Wuhan Institute of Virology, Academia Sinica, Wuhan Assistant Researcher (Research on ds-RNA of Rota-virus and preservation technique of plant viruses)

    1985.9-1988.10: Institute of Biophysics, Academia Sinica, Beijing, Graduate student for Master Degree, speciality: Molecular Biology

    1988.11-present: School of Life Science, University of Science and Technology of China (NMR methodology, Structure determination of protein and nucleic acid)

    1995.1-1996.1: Institut fuer Molekularbiologie und Biophysik, ETH, Switzerland, Advanced study for NMR and Structure Determination of Protein

    Research Interests

    NMR methodology; the conformation and dynamics property of protein and nucleic acid studied by NMR and computer simulation methods

    Selected Publications

    1.Jie Wen, Jihui Wu and Pei Zhou. Sparsely-sampled High-resolution 4D Experiments for Efficient Backbone Resonance Assignment of Disordered Proteins. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2011,209(1):94-100

    2.Xingsheng Wang, Shaojie Zhang, Jiahai Zhang, Chao Xu, Weiwei Wang, Zhijun Liu, Jihui Wu, and Yunyu Shi. A Large Intrinsically Disordered Region in SKIP and its Disorder-Order Transition Induced by PPIL1 Binding Revealed by NMR. J Biol Chem 2010,285:4951-4963

    3.Jiangxin Liu, Jiahai Zhang, Yinshan Yang, Hongda Huang, Weiqun Shen, Qi Hu, Xingsheng Wang,Jihui Wu and Yunyu Shi. Conformational change upon ligand binding and dynamics of the PDZ domain from Leukemia-associated Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor. Protein Science, 2008,17:1003-1014

    4.Xiaogang Niu, Quan Chen, Jiahai Zhang, Weiqun Shen, Yunyu Shi, and Jihui Wu. Interesting Structural and Dynamical Behaviors Exhibited by the AF-6 PDZ Domain upon Bcr Peptide Binding. Biochemistry 2007,46(51):15042-15053

    5.Identification of a Potent Inhibitor of Human Dual-Specific Phosphatase, VHR, from Computer-Aided and NMR-Based Screening to Cellular Effects. Zhe Shi, Sartaj Tabassum, Wei Jiang, Jiahai Zhang, Suvigya Mathur, Jihui Wu and Yunyu Shi. ChemBioChem. (2007) 8(17):2092-2099

    6.Heyue Zhou, Yingqi Xu, Yuedong Yang, Anding Huang, Jihui Wu, Yunyu Shi. Solution structure of AF-6 PDZ domain and its interaction with the C-terminal peptides from neurexin and Bcr. J Biol Chem. 2005,280(14):13841-13847

    7.Husheng Ding, Yingqi Xu, Quan Chen, Haiming Dai, Yajun Tang, Jihui Wu, and Yunyu Shi. Solution Structure of Human SUMO-3 C47S and Its Binding Surface for Ubc9. Biochemistry. 2005,44(8):2790-2799

    8.Jihui Wu, Jing-song Fan, Steven M. Pascal, and Daiwen Yang. General Method for Suppression of Diagonal Peaks in Heteronuclear-Edited NOESY Spectroscopy. J.AM.CHEM.SOC. 2004,126:15018-15019,

    9.Zheng Cai, Chenqi Xu, Yingqi Xu, Wuyuan Lu, Cheng-wu Chi, Yunyu Shi, and Jihui Wu. Solution Structure of BmBKTx1, a New BKCa Channel Blocker from the Chinese Scorpion Buthus martensi Karsch. Biochemistry 2004,43(13):3764-3771

    10.Yingqi Xu, Wulin Yang, Jihui Wu, Yunyu Shi. Solution Structure of the First HMG Box Domain in Human Upstream Binding Factor. Biochemistry 2002,41:5415-5420

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