GONG Qingguo


GONG Qingguo , Ph.D
Associate Professor of School of Life Sciences
University of Science & Technology of China
Tel: 86-551-63607644
Personal Profile
B.S.University of Science and Technology of China (1994)
M.S.University of Science and Technology of China (1997)
Ph.D.Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2002)
Postdoctoral Appointment, Carnegie Mellon University (2003-2006)
Postdoctoral Appointment, University of Pittsburgh (2006-2008)
Research Interests
(I) Increasing evidences exhibited that non-coding RNA (ncRNA) or small RNA (sRNA) plays essential roles in many cellular processes including RNA splicing, gene regulation, and cancer development. However, the precise function of majority of ncRNA remains unclear. The structure-based investigation of RNAs and RNA complexes with proteins will definitely lead to a better understanding of mechanisms ncRNAs used for their variable functions.

(II) Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) is powerful tool in elucidating the structures of multi-domain proteins or large protein complexes when combing with other structural biology techniques. SAXS can provide the low-resolution envelope of large bio-macromolecule to accommodate the high-resolution structures of subunits solved by NMR or X-ray crystallography, and direct the generation of the high-resolution structure of bio-macromolecule with the help of Molecular Dynamics MD) simulation. The specific methods are still in developing.

Selective Publications
1. An, Liwei, Jiang, Yiyang, Ng, Howin H. W, Man, Ellen P. S., Chen, Jie, Khoo, Ui-Soon(*), Gong, Qingguo(*) & Huen, Michael S. Y.(*). Dual-utility NLS drives RNF169-dependent DNA damage responses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2017, 201616602.
2. Wang Lijun, Wang Weiwei, Li Fudong, Zhang Jihai, Wu Jihui, Gong Qingguo(*),Shi Yunyu(*), Structural insights into the recognition of the internal A-rich linker from OxyS sRNA by Escherichia coli Hfq, Nucleic Acids Research, 2015, 43(4), 2400-11
3. Zhao, Debiao, Wang, Xuejuan,Peng, Junhui, Wang, Chongyuan, Li, Fudong, Sun, Qianqian, Zhang, Yibo, Zhang, Jiahai, Cai, Gang, Zuo, Xiaobing, Wu, Jihui, Shi, Yunyu, Zhang, Zhiyong(*), Gong, Qingguo(*), Structural investigation of the interaction between the tandem SH3 domains of c-Cbl-associated protein and vinculin, Journal of Structural Biology, 2014, 187(2): 194-205
4. Zou, Yang, Shao, Zhenhua, Peng, Junhui, Li, Fudong, Gong, Deshun, Wang, Chongyuan, Zuo, Xiaobing, Zhang, Zhiyong, Wu, Jihui, Shi, Yunyu, Gong, Qingguo(*), Crystal structure of triple-BRCT-domain of ECT2 and insights into the binding characteristics to CYK-4, FEBS Letters, 2014, 588(17): 2911-2920
5. Shao, Zhenhua, Yan, Wei, Peng, Junhui, Zuo, Xiaobing, Zou, Yang, Li, Fudong, Gong, Deshun, Ma, Rongsheng, Wu, Jihui, Shi, Yunyu, Zhang, Zhiyong, Teng, Maikun, Li, Xu(*), Gong, Qingguo(*), Crystal structure of tRNA m1G9 methyltransferase Trm10: insight into the catalytic mechanism and recognition of tRNA substrate, Nucleic Acids Research, 2014, 42(1): 509-525
6. Wang, Weiwei, Wang, Lijun, Wu, Jihui, Gong, Qingguo(*), Shi, Yunyu(*), Hfq-bridged ternary complex is important for translation activation of rpoS by DsrA, Nucleic Acids Research, 2013, 41(11): 5938-5948