Associate professor of School of Life Sciences

University of Science & Technology of China

Tel: 86-551-63607332




Research Interests

Gene mining on stress tolerance resources and transgenic technique in plants

Application of stress tolerance genes on agriculture

Environment stress biology in plants

Recent publications

1.Hong Yu, Xi Chen (co-1st author), Yuan-Yuan Hong, YaoWang, Ping Xu, Sheng-Dong Ke, Hai-Yan Liu,Jian-Kang Zhu, David J. Oliver, and Cheng-Bin Xiang. 2008. Activated Expression of an Arabidopsis HD-START Protein Confers Drought Tolerance with Improved Root System and Reduced Stomatal Density. The Plant Cell 20: 1134-1151.

2.Rama Devi, Xi Chen (co-1st author), David J. Oliver, and Chengbin Xiang. 2006. A Novel High-throughput Genetic Screen for Stress-Responsive Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana Revealed Novel Loci Involving Stress Responses. The Plant Journal 47, 652-663.

3.Jin Du, Yue-Ping Huang, Jing Xi, Min-Jie Cao, Wan-Song Ni, Xi Chen, Jian-Kang Zhu, David J. Oliver and Cheng-Bin Xiang.2008. Functional gene-mining for salt-tolerance genes with the power of Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 56:653-664.

4.Ben-Ze Xiao, Xi Chen, Cheng-Bin Xiang, Ning Tang, Qi-Fa Zhang and Li-Zhong Xiong 2008 Evaluation of Seven Function-Known Candidate Genes for their Effects on Improving Drought Resistance of Transgenic Rice under Field Conditions. Molecular Plant.11(2): 1-11.

5.Yao Wang, Xi Chen and Cheng-Bin Xiang. 2007. Stomatal Density and Bio-water Saving. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 49: 1435-–1444.

6.Benqin Wang, Xi Chen, Chengbin Xiang.2007. Arabidopsis Late-flowering Mutants with Elevated SOD Activities Show Enhanced Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses. Chinese Bulletin of Botany. 24: 572-580.

7.Wan-Song Ni, Zhi-Yong Lei, Xi Chen, David J. Oliver and Cheng-Bin Xiang. Construction of a Plant Transformation-ready Expression cDNA Library for Thellungiella halophila Using Recombination Cloning. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 49: 1313-1319

8.Zhi-Yong Lei, Ping Zhao, Min-Jie Cao, Rong Cui, Xi Chen, Li-Zhong Xiong, Qi-Fa Zhang, David J. Oliver and Cheng-Bin Xiang. 2007. High-throughput Binary Vectors for Plant Gene Function Analysis. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 49: 556-567.