CHEN Yongyan


Associate Professor, Institute of Immunology

School of Life Sciences

University of Science & Technology of China


Tel: 86-551-63600319




Personal Profile

I was graduated from Shandong University for the Bachelor of Medicine in 2001 and received my Ph.D. from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 2007.  I then worked as post-doctoral fellow at the USTC from 2007 to 2009.  On Feb 2009, I was appointed as an associate professor of immunology in the School of Life Sciences, USTC.  I have published 10 original research papers (SCI) including well-recognized scientific journals such as Hepatology, J Hepatol and 3 monographs of immunology as one of the authors. 

Research Interests

As a member of the lab of Tian Zhigang, I am attempting to study the innate immunity of liver.

1) The biology of the overwhelming innate immune system including NK cells and NKT cells in the liver, and their roles during HBV infection and HBV-associated liver diseases.

2) The mechanisms of HBV-induced liver immunotolerance.

Selected Publications

1.Zhang W, Chen Y, Wei H, Zheng C, Sun R, Zhang J, Tian Z. Antiapoptotic activity of autocrine interleukin-22 and therapeutic effects of interleukin-22-small interfering RNA on human lung cancer xenografts. Clin Cancer Res. 2008; 14(20):6432-6439. (co-first author)

2.Chen Y, Wei H, Sun R, Dong Z, Zhang J, Tian Z. Increased susceptibility to liver injury in hepatitis B virus transgenic mice involves NKG2D-ligand interaction and natural killer cells. Hepatology. 2007; 46(3):706-715.

3.Chen Y, Sun R, Jiang W, Wei H, Tian Z. Liver-specific HBsAg transgenic mice are over-sensitive to Poly(I:C)-induced liver injury in NK cell- and IFN-gamma-dependent manner. J Hepatol. 2007; 47(2):183-190.