• The School of Life Sciences was founded by Bei shizhang,a renowned scientist in Beijing in 1958 with emphasis on Biophysics at beginning and flourished to many branches of biological sciences in recent years. The new School of Life Sciences was established in Hefei, AnHui province in 1998 and the founding dean was Prof. Shi Yunyu, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It consists of four departments: Molecular and Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics, Systems Biology and Biomedicine and Biotechnology. For scientific research, the School of Life Sciences has established a Center for Laboratory Techniques of Life Sciences and a division under National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the Microscale. Moreover, there are two students practice bases which are located in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province and Shengjing Lake, Anhui province.

    At present, there are eighty-seven teachers in the School of Life Sciences, forty-two of them are professors (including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and fifteen of them are associate professors. All professors and associate professors are responsible for various aspects of teathing and research. They are providing various courses for undergraduates, graduates and PhD candidates. The teachers in the School Life Sciences are running many research projects, including general and key projects from National Science Foundation of China, key projects from the knowledge Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, projects of the National Basic Research (973), projects of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863), and the Major Program for the Fundamental Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 70% of the professors are recruited from overseas in recent years. Twenty-two of them are honored as “One Hundred Talented People” of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, eight of them are honored as China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, three of them are ChangJiang River scholar award scheme professors.

    Presently, there are about 400 undergraduate students, 400 graduate students and 200 PhD candidates in our school. Because of the strong backgrounds in life sciences, our graduated students are playing more and more important roles in high education of scientific research both at homeland and abroad. Some of them have made prominent contributions to national sciences and were honored by various awards and medals from academic societies. Three doctoral dissertations were honored as the Awards for National 100 Excellent PHD Thesis. Four doctoral dissertations were honored as the Excellent PhD Thesis of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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