Freshmen from School of Life Sciences Mourned for the Great Scientist Shitsan Pai in Tomb-sweeping Day

  • [2016-04-07]
  • On the sunny bright morning of April 4, the traditional Chinese festival of Tomb-sweeping Day, with sunshine dispelling the successive rainy days, undergraduate students of Grade 2015 from school of life sciences mourned for the giant of biophysics in China, Shitsan Pai, and at the same time learnt his love and dedication to the nation. By knowing the stories of Shitsan’s life, students learnt more about the core values of Chinese socialism and made up their minds to be committed to scientific career and work for the rise of the country’s research level.

    At around 10:00 students had already gathered in Assembly Room 329, preparing to watch a documentary of Shitsan Pai, Life for Science, which describes his seriousness in his researches and his willingness to sacrifice for the country. “From the silence thundering is heard.” Normal details, such as his striving throughout his life and his determination to return his homeland after getting famous, deeply touched everyone and vividly showed what “diligence” and “probity” mean.

    Later, with the respect for Shitsan Pai, students walked to his statue and presented several bunch of flowers to him. Meanwhile the host of the activity introduced more about Shitsan’s devotion to work and love for the nation, promoting the faith of the members of C.Y.L. (Communist Youth League) for the Communist Party and the Chinese Dream. Afterwards, each group selected two representatives to recite a poem composed specially for Shitsan Pai. With sonorous voice, students expressed deep sorrow of the leaving of such a giant and declared their resolution of devoting the whole life to scientific fields and the realization of the Chinese Dream.

    The commemoration ended up with students’ soulful recitation and the bow to the great scientist. 

    Through this commemoration, in which students mourned for the Great Scientist Shitsan Pai, everyone had better understanding about the core values of Chinese socialism and enhanced their love of the nation and the expectation of the Chinese Dream.

    This commemoration is sponsored by Department of Student Affairs in USTC, and meantime acquired much support from USTC’s Youth League Committee and head teachers of the class. And the student cadres such as Chenyang Li, Meishan Zhang, Tong Xiao and Wenzhi Su also made lots of efforts in planning and launching the activity. Here we acknowledge everyone’s help and hard work.



                Written by SU Wenzhi , Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences