2015.06.15,Professor Wu Jiarui/LiangZhi(Associate Research Fellow) Published a paper in Journal of Molecular Cell Biology

  • [2015-06-28]
  • 2015.06.15,Professor Wu Jiarui/Associate Research Fellow LiangZhi Published a paper entitled:“Quantitative detection of in vivo physical protein-protein interactions based on DNA sequence recognition” in Journal of Molecular Cell Biology

    Author:Siwei Luo, Yihua Jiang, Zhi Liang*, Jiarui Wu*
    We developed a DNA-based quantitative method, Protein-dimerization Footprinting (PdF), to detect physical protein-protein interactions (PPIs) in vivo. The principle of PdF is that a target physical PPI is transcoded into a specific DNA sequence based on dimerization of the target proteins fused with DNA-binding domains. The interaction intensity of the target proteins is quantified as the copy number of the DNA sequences bound by the fusion protein dimers. We build a mathematical model to describe the dynamic process of PdF and used it to select proper experimental conditions and intensity threshold for quantitative PPI detection. By comparing PdF with yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), we demonstrated its quantitative PPI detection capability and sensitivity to dynamical interaction intensity.