2014.02.16,Professor Wang Jun Published a paper entitled “Delivery of antibiotics with polymeric particles” in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews,online

  • 2014.02.16,Professor Wang Jun Published a paper entitled “Delivery of antibiotics with polymeric particles”  in  Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews,online
    Author:Meng-Hua Xiong, Yan Bao, Xian-Zhu Yang, Yan-Hua Zhu, Jun Wang*
    Abstract: Despite the wide use of antibiotics, bacterial infection is still one of the leading causes of hospitalization and mortality. The clinical failure of antibiotic therapy is linked with low bioavailability, poor penetration to bacterial infection sites, and the side effects of antibiotics, as well as the antibiotic resistance properties of bacteria. Antibiotics encapsulated in nanoparticles or microparticles made up of a biodegradable polymer have shown great potential in replacing the administration of antibiotics in their “free” form. Polymeric particles provide protection to antibiotics against environmental deactivation and alter antibiotic pharmacokinetics and biodistribution. Polymeric particles can overcome tissue and cellular barriers and deliver antibiotics into very dense tissues and inaccessible target cells. Polymeric particles can be modified to target or respond to particular tissues, cells, and even bacteria, and thereby facilitate the selective concentration or release of the antibiotic at infection sites, respectively. Thus, the delivery of antibiotics with polymeric particles augments the level of the bioactive drug at the site of infection while reducing the dosage and the dosing frequency. The end results are improved therapeutic effects as well as decreased “pill burden” and drug side effects in patients. The main objective of this review is to analyze recent advances and current perspectives in the use of polymeric antibiotic delivery systems in the treatment of bacterial infection. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.addr.2014.02.002
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