2013,12,16,Professor Wang Jun Published a paper entitled “Rational Design of Polyion Complex Nanoparticles to Overcome Cisplatin Resistance in Cancer Therapy” in Advanced Materials,online

  • Author:Xian-Zhu Yang, Xiao-Jiao Du, Yang Liu, Yan-Hua Zhu, Yang-Zhong Liu, Ya-Ping Li, Jun Wang*

    Abstract: Rationally designed PIC nanoparticles as next-generation delivery system: we have developed a core–shell–corona PIC nanoparticle ⊕NP/Pt@PPC-DA as a next-generation delivery system.⊕NP/Pt@PPC-DA exhibits prolonged circulation and enhanced drug accumulation in tumors. Subsequently, tumor pH leads to the release of ⊕NP/Pt, which facilitates cellular uptake followed by rapid intracellular cisplatin release. Using this delivery strategy cisplatin-resistant tumor growth in a murine xenograft model has been successfully suppressed.


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