2012.09.22,Professor Shi Yunyu and Yao Xuebiao Published a paper entitled in PNAS

  • 2012.09.22,Professor Shi Yunyu and Yao Xuebiao Published a paper entitled “EB1 acetylation by P300/CBP-associated factor (PCAF) ensures accurate kinetochore–microtubule interactions in mitosis” in PNAS

    Author:Peng Xiaa,Zhikai Wanga,Xing Liu,Bing Wu,Juncheng Wang,Tarsha Ward,Liangyu Zhang,Xia Ding,Gary Gibbons,
    Yunyu Shi, and Xuebiao Yao

    In eukaryotes, microtubules are essential for cellular plasticity and dynamics. Here we show that P300/CBP-associated factor (PCAF), a kinetochore-associated acetyltransferase, acts as a negative modulator of microtubule stability through acetylation of EB1, a protein that controls the plus ends of microtubules. PCAF acetylates EB1 on K220 and disrupts the stability of a hydrophobic cavity on the dimerized EB1 C terminus, which was previously reported to interact with plus-end tracking proteins (TIPs) containing the SxIP motif. As determined with an EB1 acetyl-K220–specific antibody, K220 acetylation is dramatically increased in mitosis and localized to the spindle microtubule plus ends. Surprisingly, persistent acetylation of EB1 delays metaphase alignment, resulting in impaired checkpoint silencing. Consequently, suppression of Mad2 overrides mitotic arrest induced by persistent EB1 acetylation. Thus, our findings identify dynamic acetylation of EB1 as a molecular mechanism to orchestrate accurate kinetochore–microtubule interactions in mitosis. These results establish a previously uncharacterized regulatory mechanism governing localization of microtubule plus-end tracking proteins and thereby the plasticity and dynamics of cells.


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