2012.09.10,Professor Wang Jun and Hu Bing Published a paper entitled :“Bacteria-Responsive Multifunctional Nanogel for Targeted Antibiotic Delivery” in Advanced Materials,online

  • Author:Meng-Hua Xiong, Ya-Juan Li, Yan Bao, Xian-Zhu Yang, Bing Hu, Jun Wang

    Abstract:Bacteria-Responsive Multifunctional Nanogel: We developed a bacteria-responsive multifunctional nanogel for targeted antibiotic delivery, in which bacterial enzymes are utilized to trigger antibiotic release by degrading the polyphosphoester core. The mannosylated nanogel preferentially delivers drugs to macrophages and leads to drug accumulation at bacterial infection sites through macrophage transport. This nanogel provides macrophage targeting and lesion site-activatable drug release properties, which enhances bacterial growth inhibition.


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