2012.07.15,Professor Wen Longping Published a paper in Nature Materials,onine

  • 2012.07.15,Professor Wen Longping Published a paper entitled:“Tuning the autophagy-inducing activity of lanthanide-based nanocrystals through specific surface-coating peptides ” in Nature Materials,onine
    作 者:Yunjiao Zhang,Fang Zheng, Tianlong Yang,Wei Zhou, Yun Liu,Na Man,Li Zhang,Nan Jin,Qingqing Dou,Yong Zhang,Zhengquan Li& Long-Ping Wen
    摘 要:The induction of autophagy on exposure of cells to a variety of nanoparticles represents both a safety concern and an application niche for engineered nanomaterials. Here, we show that a short synthetic peptide, RE-1, identified by means of phage display, binds to lanthanide (LN) oxide and upconversion nanocrystals (UCN), forms a stable coating layer on the nanoparticles’ surface, and effectively abrogates their autophagy-inducing activity. Furthermore, RE-1 peptide variants exhibit a differentially reduced binding capability, and correspondingly, a varied ability to reduce the autophagic response. We also show that the addition of an arginine–glycine–aspartic acid (RGD) motif to RE-1 enhances autophagy for LN UCN through the interaction with integrins. RE-1 and its variants provide a versatile tool for tuning material–cell interactions to achieve the desired level of autophagy, and may prove useful for the various diagnostic and therapeutic applications of LN-based nanomaterials and nanodevices.
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