2011.10.10,Professor Wang Jun Published a paper in Journal of the American Chemical Society

  • 2011.10.10,Professor Wang Jun  published entitled “Tailor-Made Dual pH-Sensitive Polymer_Doxorubicin Nanoparticles for Efficient Anticancer Drug Delivery” in Journal of the American Chemical Society
    Author:Jin-Zhi Du, Xiao-Jiao Du, Cheng-Qiong Mao, and Jun Wang
    Abstract:Efficient delivery of therapeutics into tumor cells to increase the intracellular drug concentration is a major challenge for cancer therapy due to drug resistance and inefficient cellular uptake. Herein, we have designed a tailor-made dual pH-sensitive polymer-drug conjugate nanoparticulate system to overcome the challenges. The nanoparticle is capable of reversing its surface charge from negative to positive at tumor extracellular pH (∼6.8) to facilitate cell internalization. Subsequently, the significantly increased acidity in subcellular compartments such as the endosome (∼5.0) further promotes doxorubicin release from the endocytosed drug carriers. This dual pH-sensitive nanoparticle has showed enhanced cytotoxicity in drugresistant cancer stem cells, indicating its great potential for cancer therapy.



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