2011.03.22, Professor Sun Baolin Published a paper in Infection and Immunity

  • 2011.03.22, Professor Sun Baolin published a paper entitled "Staphylococcus aureus KdpDE two-component system couples extracellular K+ sensing and Agr signaling to infection programming" in Infection and Immunity
    Author:Xue Tin、You Yibo、Hong De、Sun Haipeng、Sun baolin


    The Kdp system is widely distributed among bacteria. In Escherichiacoli, the KdpATPase is a high-affinity K+ uptake system andits expression is activated by the KdpDE two-component systemin response to K+ limitation or salt stress. However, informationabout the role of this system in many bacteria still remainsobscure. Here we demonstrate that KdpFABC in Staphylococcusaureus is not a major K+ transporter, and that the main functionof KdpDE is not associated with K+ transport but instead itregulates transcription for a series of virulence factors thoughsensing external K+ concentrations, indicating that this bacteriummight modulate its infectious status through sensing specificexternal K+ stimuli in different environments. Our results furtherreveal that S. aureus KdpDE is upregulated by the Agr/RNAIIIsystem, which suggests that KdpDE may be an important virulenceregulator coordinating the external K+ sensing and Agr signalingduring pathogenesis in this bacterium.



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