A biology learning tour to Qingdao

    A biology learning tour to Qingdao

  • [2017-01-30]
  • On January 15th, 2017, sophomore students (Grade 2015) fromSchool of Life Sciences, USTC went on a 2-day visit to Qingdao. Making good use of the winter holiday, students experienced the infinite charm of oceanology research and adopted a better understanding of the development of biological resources.

    Their first stop was IOCAS (Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences), where students received a lecture from Hong Yin as a brief introduction to IOCAS. She also told students in details about the newest scientific investigation ship, RV Kexue to inform them of oceanology researches nowadays. Then Professor Xinzheng Li reported on Amazing Ocean Creatures with fascinating marine pictures and humorous illustration. Students were all attracted to his researching experiences deep under the sea, laughing and applauding. Many questions were raised afterwards, and two researchers replied positively. Next, students were showed various herbariums and labs for cultivation and breeding of halobios.

    After lunch students boarded the RV Kexue, and the advanced and cutting-edge technology and comfortable living environment gave them a great impression.

    The next day in the morning, students went to QIBEBT (Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences). Firstly there were two reports from Professor Qiu Cui and Professor Lishan Yao relatively on their work and the possible development in the future. Then students visited many researching groups and their labs, including the Energy Plant, Single Cell Center and so on.

    This learning tour is planned by Prof. Changlin Tian, the academic head teacher of 2015 Shizhang Bei class, and was organized by head teacher Dr. Yugang Guo. It was also strongly supported by IOCASQIBEBT and our alumnus director Hong Yin(869) Professor Lishang Yao(9612).



                                                               (Written by Jianjian Guo, Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences)


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