Life Determines Capital

    Life Determines Capital

  • [2016-07-18]
  • Scientists have been exploring the value of life science all along since it is the most potential and advanced science of the 21st century and as the leading role of Chinese bioeconomy, SINOBIOWAY is making lots of achievements now in China and even the world, after planning and preparing for it for more than twenty years. On July 11, 2016, students from School of Life Science, USTC visited Bioeconomy Incubator, Bioeconomy Community and International Health Center with the guidance of Mr. Guo and the introduction of Mr. Zhang, who had also been a teacher in USTC.


    At the beginning, students are amazed by the magnificent building group and then Mr. Zhang led us into the exhibition hall to know more about SINOBIOWAY and its development concept: revitalize the country through science and technology, acknowledge the country with industry and strengthen the country by making its people healthy. In the hall, Mr. Zhang firstly introduced the three parts of SINOBIOWAY: Bioeconomy Incubator, Bioeconomy Community and International Health Center. These parts support and push one another and therefore lead SINOBIOWAY to a brighter future. Then, Mr. Zhang told the students about the background of the company, its current developing situation, its prospect, and some of its innovative and potential projects such as a comprehensive, individualized and nanny-like service. The students listened to the manager carefully and came up with their questions actively and the hall was warmed by their enthusiasm.  

    Leaving the exhibition hall, the students was showed around the main building group, especially the buildings shaped like the words ANTIBODY and ATCG, which were appreciated sincerely. After that, Mr. Zhang took them to visit a 4A scenic spot, which were designed particularly in order to rely on the bioeconomic system, enjoy the achievement of modern civilizations and live a primitive tribal life. The scenery was so attractive that the students couldn’t help realizing that while developing science and technology, they should not do harm to the ecosystem but make it better. After lunch, they visited the laboratories of SINOBIOWAY that they have longed for. These valuable labs are intended for medical and immunological experiments, which will be remembered by the students as a unique experience.


    Mr. Zhang said to the students, “In the history, Newton’s apple transformed scientific theories; Jobs’ apple revolutionized our lifestyles and in the future, SINOBIOWAY Group’s apple tree in the gene tribe shall a red apple that will bring infinite hope. And you should be confident enough to believe that you will be the one that will cultivate the apples.” Personally speaking, keep confident and keep on creating, we could also find new apples in the future.


    (Originally written by Wan Tingting, and translated by Wan Xinghaoyun, Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences)

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