Students from School of Life Sciences went for an outing around the Chao Lake

    Students from School of Life Sciences went for an outing around the Chao Lake

  • [2016-06-03]
  • On 28, May, beneath the fresh and cool sky, the outdoor party was held by students from the grade 2014 and 2015 of School of Life Sciences .The students rode to theChao Lake, stepping into the Seasonal Flowers. The spectacular scenery arrested their attention and they stopped to catch the sight by their camera.

    After appreciating the beauty of flowers, students moved to the prairies to have a close contact with nature. On the prairie, they had three matches: hula hooping, drawing and guessing, counting and posing. After the exciting group games, students became familiar with others. Silvery laughter hangs above the ground and also lingers in our hearts.

    In the end, the students posed as the logo of "USTC" hand in hand and then arrived safely at school by bus, which symbolized the successful holding of our party.


    Thanks to this party, the students relaxed themselves while being so nervously occupied with the heavy schoolwork. Not only did they get close to the beautiful scenery, but they also appreciated the beauty of science and our city out side the campus, strengthening the bonds of our class and the friendship of the students. In addition, during our outing, the students in Grade 2014 shared there precious studying experience with their junior schoolmates, which benefited them a lot.



       (Originally written by Meishan Zhang, Translated by Wenjing Chen, Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences)



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