The Symposium on Student Affairs in School of Life Sciences

    The Symposium on Student Affairs in School of Life Sciences

  • [2016-04-18]
  • To better summarize and communicate on experience of student affairs, to make student affairs more practical and pertinent, and also to solve some common problems of student affairs, the 2016 symposium on student affairs in School Life Sciences was held on room 329 of our school on April 14th.

    Host: Professor Lili Ding, the vice Party secretary of School Life Sciences.

    Participant: Ms. Liping Zhao, the youth league general branch of school; Professor Jutao Chen and Zhen Guo, the head teacher of the graduates; Professor Xi Chen, Ke An and Yugang Guo, the head teacher of the undergraduates; some counselors and assistant class teachers.

    First Professor Lili Ding reviewed the main work, the progress and some shortcomings of previous student affairs, and seriously summarized experience and gave suggestions on student work. She also announced the decision to set up the steering committee and office on student affairs, and then she gave the assignment of recent student work including the assessment of CAS President Scholarship, “Two learn one to do learning education” in our school, leaving discipline on Labor Day and some graduates’ affairs.

    Then the head teacher of each grade summed up the condition of their class, analyzed the deficiencies, and discussed some strategies and progress. Ms. Xi Chen said that opportunities should be created to boost the common moral education of students to develop the students’ communicating abilities. Mr. Ke An pointed out that backward students need more help and loving care and that more other index than grades should be refer to in the selection of some off-campus internship. Mr. Yugang Guo emphasized that the most efficient way to learn a student’s whole status is to talk with him or her personally and we should aim at certain students and talk with them efficiently. We also had a heated discussion on some practical works such as School study advisor plan, the revision of the head teacher work leaflet, calling on students to join in public benefit activities, the emotionally dredge of students and so on. Every one just talked positively and gave much useful advice.

    At last Professor Lili Ding gave a speech to give full affirmation to the student workers and their good performance, and thanked everyone’s selfless devotion. She expressed that student affairs were a long-term work requiring particular attention and perseverance. On one hand though the work is hard the head teachers need develop themselves, interact regularly and consider together, on the other hand, we also need think more about the significance and the purpose of the student activities when organizing them or giving advise, and they should consider the effect of these activities, broadcast more about the typical activities to form a long-term work mechanism.

    Our school also provided some refreshment and beverage to create a casual and active atmosphere considering the toil of student work. The meeting last for about 3 hour and ended in warm applause.                          


    (Originally written by Yugang Guo, the member of Student Affairs Committee in School of Life Sciences, and translated by Yilin Xie, Grade 2015, School of Life Sciences)



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