CANG Chunlei
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    CANG Chunlei



    Chunlei Cang
    School of Life Sciences
    University of Science & Technology of China
    Hefei, China
    Tel: (+86) 18655123362

    Personal profile
    2015 – Present:  Professor, School of Life Sciences, University of Science & Technology of China, China
    2009 – 2014: Postdoc, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania, US
    2003 – 2009: Ph.D., Institute of Neurobiology, Fudan University, China
    1999 – 2003: B.Sc., School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, China

    Research interests
    Properties, functions and modulation of intracellular ion channels, especially the ones exist on membrane of lysosome and endosome.

    1.Cang, C., Aranda, K., Seo, YJ., Gasnier, B., Ren, D. (2015) TMEM175 is an Organelle K(+) Channel Regulating Lysosomal Function. Cell 162(5): 1101-12. Doi:10.1016/j.cell.2015.08.002
    2.Cang, C., Zhou, Y., Navarro, B., Aranda, K., Shi, L., Battaglia-Hsu, S., Nissim, I., Clapham, D. and Ren, D. (2013) mTOR Regulates Lysosomal ATP-sensitive Two-Pore Na+ Channels to Adapt to Metabolic State. Cell 152: 778-790
    3.Cang, C.*, Aranda, K., Ren, D.*. A non-inactivating high-voltage-activated two-pore Na+ channel that supports ultra-long action potentials and membrane bistability. Nature communications 5: 5015 (*co-corresponding authors)
    4.Cang, C.*, Bekele, B., Ren, D.*. (2014) The voltage-gated sodium channel TPC1 confers endolysosomal excitability. Nature Chemical Biology 10: 463-469 (*co-corresponding authors)
    5.Cang CL, Zhang H, Zhang YQ, Zhao ZQ (2009) PKCepsilon-dependent potentiation of TTX-resistant Nav1.8 current by neurokinin-1 receptor activation in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons. Mol Pain 5:33
    6.Zhang H., Cang CL, Kawasaki Y, Liang LL, Zhang YQ, Ji RR, Zhao ZQ (2007) Neurokinin-1 receptor enhances TRPV1 activity in primary sensory neurons via PKC: a novel pathway for heat hyperalgesia. J Neurosci 27: 12067-12077
    7.Xu SY, Cang CL, Liu XF, Peng YQ, Ye YZ, Zhao ZQ, Guo AK (2006) Thermal nociception in adult Drosophila: behavioral characterization and the role of the painless gene. Genes Brain Behav 5: 602–613



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