SONG Xiaoyuan
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    SONG Xiaoyuan

  • Xiaoyuan Song Ph.D.
    Professor, School of Life Sciences
    University of Science & Technology of China
    443 Huangshan Street, Hefei, Anhui 230027, P.R.China
    Tel: 86-551-63607752
    1992-1996 Biology, Beijing Normal University, China, B.A.
    1996-1999 Molecular Cell Biology, Beijing Normal University, China, M.S.
    1999-2006Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology, University of Rochester, USA, Ph.D.
    2006-2012 University of California, at San Diego, CA, USA,Postdoctoral fellow
    2012.12- University of Science & Technology of China, Professor

    Research Interests
    1. Roles of lncRNAs in transcriptional regulation;
    2. Chromatin interaction-based transcriptional regulation of stress response induced by DNA damage;
    3. Epigenetic regulation in brain aging and senescence, focusing on roles of three-dimensional chromatin networksand lncRNAs.

    2012 Youth Thousand Talents Program Award
    2010 ASBMB 2010 Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award.
    2010 Scholar-in-Training Award Supported by AACR-Aflac, Inc.
    2008-2011Cancer Research Institute/Irvington Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship
    2001 Biology Department Graduate Student Teaching Award, U. of Rochester

    Selected Publications
    1. Cao J., Luo Z., Cheng Q., Xu Q., Zhang Y., Wang F., Wu Y., Song X.#. Three-dimensional Regulation of Transcription. Protein & Cell. 2015 Feb 12. [Epub ahead of print]. #Corresponding author.
    2. Zhang F., Tanasaa B.*, Merkurjev D. *, Lin C. *, Song X., Li W, Tan Y, Liu Z., Zhang J., Ohgi K., Kronesa A., Skowronska-Krawczyka D., Rosenfeld MG. Enhancer-bound LDB1 Regulates a Corticotrope Promoter Pausing Repression Program. PNAS. 2015, 112(5): 1380-1385..Equal contributors.
    3. Liu Z., Merkurjey D., Yang F., Li W., Oh S., Friedman J. M., Song X., Zhang F., Ma Q., Ohgi K., Krones A., Rosenfeld MG. Trans-Recruitment of a DNA-Binding Transcription Factor Complex Is Required for Activation of ERα-bound Enhancers. Cell. 2014,159(2):358-73.
    4. Li W, Notani D, Ma Q, Tanasa B, Nunez E, Chen AY, Merkurjev D, Zhang J, Ohgi K, Song X., Oh S, Kim HS, Glass CK, Rosenfeld MG. Functional roles of enhancer RNAs for oestrogen-dependent transcriptional activation.Nature. 2013, 498(7455):516-20. 5. Song, X., Bowen J., Miao W., and Gorovsky, M.A. The non-histone, N-terminal tail of an essential, chimeric H2Avariant regulates mitotic H3 S10 de-phosphorylation. Genes & Development. 2012, 26(6):615-29.
    6. Song X., Wang X., Arai S. and Kurokawa R. Promoter-Associated Noncoding RNA from the CCND1 promoter. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2012, 809:609-22.Equal contributors.
    7. Harismendy O., Notani D., Song X., Rahim N.G., Tanasa B., Heintzman N., Ren B., Fu X.,Topol E., Rosenfeld M.G., and Frazer K.A. 9p21 DNA variants associated with coronary artery disease impair interferon-γ signalling response. Nature. 2011, 470(7333):264-8.  Equal contributors.
    8. Wang X.and Song X., Glass C.K., and Rosenfeld M.R. The long arm of long non-coding RNAs: Roles as sensors regulating gene transcriptional programs. Cold Spring HarbPerspect Biol. 2011 3(1):a003756. doi: 10.1101/cshperspect.a003756. Equal contributors. A review invited by Nobel laureate Dr. Thomas Cech for The RNA World, 4th edition.
    9. Wang X., Arai S.,Song X., Reichart D., Du K., Pascual G., Tempst P., Rosenfeld M.R., Glass C.K., and Kurokawa R. Stress-induced Non-coding RNAs Allosterically Regulate a HAT-inhibitory RNA Binding Protein to Mediate Transcriptional Repression. Nature. 2008, 454(7200):126-30. Equal contributors.
    10. Song, X., Gjoneska E., Ren Q., Allis C.D., and Gorovsky, M.A. Phosphorylation of H2A.X at SQ motif is Required for Proper Meiosis and Mitosis in Tetrahymenathermophila. Mol Cell Biol.2007, 27(7):2648-60. Equal contributors.
    11. Song, X. and Gorovsky, M.A. Unphosphorylated H1 is Localized in a Specific Region of the Promoter when CDC2 is Down-regulated during Starvation. Mol Cell Biol.2007, 27(5):1925-33.
    12. Dou, Y., Song, X.,Liu, Y., and Gorovsky, M.A. The H1 Phosphorylation State Regulates Expression of CDC2 and Other Genes in Response to Starvation in Tetrahymenathermophila.Mol Cell Biol. 2005, 25(10):3914-22. Equal contributors.
    13. Liu, Y., Song, X., Gorovsky, M.A., and Karrer, K.M. Elimination of foreign DNA during somatic differentiation in Tetrahymenathermophila shows position effect and is dosage dependent. Eukaryot Cell. 2005, 4(2):421-31.
    14. Shang, Y., Song, X., Bowen, J., Corstanje, R., Gao, Y., Gaertig, J., and Gorovsky, M.A. A robust inducible-repressible promoter greatly facilitates gene knockouts, conditional expression, and overexpression of homologous and heterologous genes in Tetrahymenathermophila. PNAS.2002, 99(6):3734-9.

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