2014.12.19,Professor Xiang Chengbin Published a paper in ature Communications
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    2014.12.19,Professor Xiang Chengbin Published a paper in ature Communications

  • 2014.12.19,Professor Xiang Chengbin Published a paper entitled:“Arabidopsis ERF109 mediates cross-talk between jasmonic acid and auxin biosynthesis during lateral root formation" in
    ature Communications
    5:5833 doi: 10.1038/ncomms6833 (2014).
    Xiao-Teng Cai, Ping Xu, Ping-Xia Zhao, Rui Liu, Lin-Hui Yu & Cheng-Bin Xiang
    Abstract: Jasmonic acid (JA) is well known to promote lateral root formation but the mechanisms by
    which JA signalling is integrated into the pathways responsible for lateral root formation, and how it interacts with auxin in this process remains poorly understood. Here, we report that the highly JA-responsive ethylene response factor 109 (ERF109) mediates cross-talk between JA signalling and auxin biosynthesis to regulate lateral root formation in Arabidopsis. erf109 mutants have fewer lateral roots under MeJA treatments compared with wild type whereas ERF109 overexpression causes a root phenotype that resembles those of auxin overproduction mutants. ERF109 binds directly to GCC-boxes in the promoters of ASA1 and YUC2, which encode two key enzymes in auxin biosynthesis. Thus, our study reveals a molecular mechanism for JA and auxin cross-talk during JA-induced lateral root formation.

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