The final Assessment from MOS for NTCLTLS

    The final Assessment from MOS for NTCLTLS

  • [2013-01-24]
  • On 8th January, 2013, the final assessment for National Training Center for Laboratory Techniques of Life Science of USTC (NTCLTLS) was conducted by Education Department of Anhui Province represented by Ministry of Education of China. The experts of this delegation which was leaded by the president of Anhui Normal University came to the experimental teaching center of School of Life Sciences and evaluated the performance of the Center.  Prof. TANG Jiajun (Deputy Director of Office of Teaching Affairs), Prof. TENG Maikun (Secretary of Party General Branch of School of Life Sciences) and Prof. ZANG Jianye (Center Director of Experimental Teaching Center) participated during this evaluation.

    The Vice President of USTC Prof. CHEN Chusheng firstly made a self- assessment of the Center and Prof. ZANG Jianye reported to the experts in general the construction and development of the teaching team and the achievements the experimental teaching Center achieved in recent years. The experts carefully examined all the laboratories focused on different subject aspects including Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Neurobiology and General Biology, Digital Micro-Network. Experts also visited with interest the Integrated Imaging Center and Animal Center and asked in detail about the experimental courses regarding all laboratories, and how to manage and maintain the laboratory equipments. They spoke highly of the effectiveness of the Center based on its software and hardware.

    The panel of the experts discussed with teachers and students respectively and tried to understand more about the needs of students for the experimental course and to collect more suggestions from the teachers of the experimental teaching center. One advice of how to share big equipments with surrounding universities and institutes more effectively proposed by Prof. SHEN Xiansheng has received high praise from most of the experts.

    Assessment team agreed that the National Training Center for Laboratory Techniques of Life Science USTC already has had its own distinctive features and has obtained outstanding achievements. This center played a significant exemplary role and is full of innovative ideas. Examiners will submit the final assessment to the Education Department of Anhui province and the Ministry of Education of China.


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