Delegation of Science Visits USTC
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    Delegation of Science Visits USTC

  • [2012-05-11]
  • Delegation of Science, one of the worlds' s most well known scientific magazines gave a one-day-visit to USTC on Apr 26th.

    The delegation started the trip by visiting the Hefei National Laboratory of Physical Science in Microscale. Later they were invited to a seminar where Vice President CHEN Chusheng gave a brief introduction of the university. Then several distinguished professors introduced their research fields. At the end of the seminar, Science reporter Shawna Williams asked the professors some questions regarding the education program as well as its international cooperation. Their answers gave a very exquisite illustration of USTC and helped the delegation to have a much better understanding of the university' s philosophy.

    "The students here are so brilliant and the quality of professors is pretty high, therefore, I'm glad to come back and do my programs nowhere but here." said Professor SHEN Yanan, who joined USTC last year.
    Science was born in 1880, invested by the famous T. Edison. In 1894, it became the official publication of the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). Since then, Science has always been one of the best scientific publications available.

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