How to Get Paper Published in Nature?
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    How to Get Paper Published in Nature?

  • [2012-05-11]
  • Dr. Felix Cheung, editor of Nature China, delivered a speech on Feb 27 at  USTC entitled "How to Get Paper Published in Nature?"
    In the first part of his speech, Dr, Felix Cheung reviewed the fast increase of high-impact articles published in nature in the 20th century and shared with the students his research on China's science and technology level. With the support of accurate data, he emphasized the rapid advancing of Chinese research papers on both quality and quantity in the recently 10 years. "In terms of economy, Hefei may not be among the A-list cities in china. But in terms of scientific research, it is definitely one of the strongest cities in China and second only to Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing." he said.
    Dr, Felix Cheung carefully introduced problems needing attention in paper publishing in the second part of his speech. He shared his experience as an editor on issues  such as title, content, results to the working procedure of the Nature journal. He also encouraged the students to keep polishing their papers even when rejected.
    The lecture was welcomed by the audience.
    Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology. Nature China selects the best research published and provides a summary of the results. By organizing this research into a comprehensive, regularly updated, one-stop web portal, Nature China provides the resources to keep up-to-date with the most significant research coming out of mainland China and Hong Kong.


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